Women’s Ministry to Celebrate Women’s History Month in March

With enthusiasm, UMBC’s women’s ministry is planning several activities where women can stay connected and celebrate Women’s Month in March. 

Although we will not be in the same room,  women can come together as one, fellowship,  learn, share and enjoy each other, in a similar experience as our women’s WWW conference. 


Sunday March 7th, 2021 (4pm)


Women in Music

Sunday March 14, 2021 (4pm)


Healthy Hair Specialists

Professional haircare specialists to discuss how to care for your hair

Saturday, March 20, 2021 (Time: TBA)

Physical and Mental Wellness

Facilitators:  Sister Ethel White & Dr. Sanara Webb

April – (Tentative last weekend )

Finance Workshop (TBA)

Women’s History Month, which is observed in the US, UK and Australia in March, and in October in Canada, began with a single day. International Women’s Day is March 8, and it has been observed in some shape or form since 1911. It was officially commemorated by the United Nations in 1975 and was officially recognized by the UN two years later.