Thank Each and Every One of You

 We thank each and everyone for their ongoing support of our ministry  and ministry outreach that allows us to help others in and around our community!


And so,

if you joined us online; reached out to someone who is sick; sent a card for a family in bereavement; donated for coats; said a prayer;  attended Sunday School; told someone about UMBC; volunteered; sang in the choir; preached a sermon; read your Bible; commented on our social media sites;  cleaned the church; answered phones; sent cards or letters; invited someone to worship with us; sent a thank you note; lead a ministry; was a blessing to someone;  taught a class; prayed for others; organized something for the church; donated for outreach; dropped off groceries; participated in a ministry meeting; read a story to a child, or any other activity that shows God’s love,,,,

Thank you.