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Special Message for Children Tonight at 6pm

Please read and share.  

There will be a special message for children at the beginning of our Midweek Service TONIGHT (Wednesday May 6, 2020) about the coronavirus.  Pastor Jones will  go LIVE on Facebook with our Midweek Service following the children’s  discussion. The link for Midweek Service is also included at the bottom of this announcement for reference. 

We realize that our youth are impacted by the coronavirus and many may not fully understand why parents or guardians aren’t allowing them to be with their friends or why they can’t go places or why people are wearing masks.

We invite you and your child/children to join Tiffany and Ashlyn with Minister Sallie to discuss the pandemic from a child’s perspective.  The discussion takes place at 6pm and lasts about 10 minutes.

(Click the photo with puppets for a link to today’s discussion)

Click link for Midweek worship on our FACEBOOK PAGE). 

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