From Pastor’s Desk… Conversations on Race, 2019!

First Presbyterian Church of Lansing and Union Baptist Church are uniting to form a Two-Congregation Book Read!  We will approach our understanding and learning through both a film and a book.  The book will be Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates .  Coates is a young African American writer who has captured the experiences of how racism adversely affects African Americans in the US through a letter he pens to his son.

The film will be the PBS documentary “Reconstruction:  America After the Civil War” by Henry Louis Gates, detailing the period in the US during the first decade after the Civil War and beyond.  The film is suggested to enhance our historical link for the book-read and understanding of the ppowerful role of culture and norms on how we currently vier our diversity and oneness.

“Reconstruction” is a four hour documentary and there will be time to view and discuss the film in the fall.  Two viewingswere held at First Presbyterian on October 4 and October 11.  The film can be viewed via YouTube if you are a PBS Passport Member or through the piblic library.

View the “Reconstruction” Trailer

Between the World and Me will be the focus topic for the discussion on November 1oth.