COVID Care Video for Kids

Wear a mask
Wash your hands
Cough into your elbow
Do not touch your face
Keep your hands to yourself

Some sources recommend….When talking to your child about wearing a mask, make the content appropriate for the child’s age. If your child is under 3, try explaining it in very simple terms: “People wear masks so they don’t get each other sick.” For older children, you can focus on the concept of germs. Some germs are good, some are bad, and the bad ones can make you sick. State that wearing masks can help keep us from passing our germs to one another. It’s important to reassure your child and continue the conversation if your child feels different because they have to wear the mask or worry that they’re sick because they have to wear a mask. Generally, the more you can practice wearing the mask at home and make wearing the mask a fun activity with the family, it can help lessen their fears.

After all — son and Dad and other family members, wear masks!


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